​​*Financial Literacy*
 Basic money management skills such as budgeting, managing credit cards, saving.  Online banking, Bill pay and how to monitor and manage their funds online.

Services Provided

"​​Empowering our Seniors. Every way. Every day."

​​​​​*Computer Classes*
Computer Connections is a educational program that uses the computer to drive Seniors on the pathway to success! 

​​​​​​​​*Job Readiness*
​Job search techniques, resume writing skills, and cover letter creation. Interviewing techniques, preparation tips, strategies to answer interview questions​​.

​​​​​*Case Management*
 Case managers will assist in obtaining Veterans Benefits and other public benefits such as Snaps, Disability, Social Security & Unemployment Assistance.*            

*Referral Services*
If a client requires support that does not fall within the scope of our agency, we will investigate other options and refer them to another service provider.

​​​The Tina Conteh Foundation​

**Notary Services**(small fee; see flyer)

​​ *All services are rendered through case management.*
 *Assistance is available to seniors 60 years of age and older.*
 *Assistant is available by appointment only.*